Ph.D. Students

SubjectName & FamilyUniversityStart DateSupervised as
Micro GridMohammad Reza MivehUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)May 20142nd Supervisor

Current MSc Students

SubjectName & FamilyUniversityStart DateSupervised as
Power SystemMohammad AmaniArak University2015Supervisor
Power SystemFarshad AzammaneshArak University20151st Supervisor
Power SystemSomayeh HeydariArak University20152nd Supervisor
Power SystemReza ShamsiArak University20152nd Supervisor
Wind EnergyRamin GoodarziArak University20141st Supervisor
MicroGridSoraya ChapariniaArak University2014Supervisor
Distribution SystemMohsen JadidiArak University2014Supervisor
Wind Turbine Generator Somayeh PirzadArak University20141st Supervisor
Wind Turbine BladeHamid BagheriArak University20142nd Supervisor
PV Charge ControllerMajid Forooghi PardanjaniArak University2013Supervisor
Wind Turbine DriveMilad Mansoori GavariArak University20131st Supervisor
Wind Turbine GeneratorAtaollah AshrafzadehArak University20131st Supervisor

Former MSc Students

No.Name & FamilyThesis SubjectUniversityEnd DateSupervised as
1Somayeh PirzadDesign and Fabrication of a Controller for Stator Blocks in an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator Autonomously Adapted to Wind SpeedsArak University22 Jan. 20171st Supervisor
2Majid Forooghi PardanjaniDesign and Fabrication of 2 kW PV Charge ControllerArak University17 Jul. 2016Supervisor
3Hossein ShabanlooDesign and Implementation of Sensoreless Drive Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Terminal Sliding Mode Control and Reduced-Order Kalman FilterArak University19 Jan. 20162nd Supervisor
4Mohamad BassakiDesign and fabricacation of a prototype axial flux permanent magnet brushless generator for a 20 KW gearless wind turbineArak University26 Oct. 2015Co-Advisor
5Hooman BastamiFault Detection and Current Limiting in Rotor Circuit of a Doubly Fed Induction GeneratorArak University27 Jan. 20151st Supervisor
6Mohammad Reza GheysariForced Vibration Control of FGM Type rectangular plates in contact with the fluidArak UniversityJan. 20152nd Supervisor
7Mohammad BalaliStudy on Forced Vibration Control of rectangular plate with a layer linear bedArak UniversityJan. 20152nd Supervisor
8Sattar ReyhaniDetailed Modeling of wind turbine and developing the interface for using in the wind power plant simulatorArak University26 Jan. 20151st Supervisor
9Farzaneh NejatiEnergy Management of Hybrid Energy System for Isolated Microgrid DC Bus Voltage Regulation Using Model Predictive ControlArak University24 Dec. 20141st Supervisor
10Vahid Heydari ZeydaliEnergy pricing and reserve requirements for electricity market considering uncertainty in wind power and loadArak University24 Dec. 2014Supervisor
11Mohsen Jafari DastnayiSliding Mode Control of Cuk-Sepic Converter for MPPT in PV systemArak University22 Oct. 2014Supervisor
12Ali Jonoush FarahaniChoosing The Best Converter Topology For Fuel Cell VehicleArak University30 Sep. 20141st Supervisor
13Ali FallahImplement Hardware Wind Turbine Simulator Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based On ARM MicrocontrollerArak University29 Sep. 20141st Supervisor
14Seyede Fatemeh AbolhasanzadehAnalysis and control of nonlinear vibration of FGM plates coupled with piezoelectric layersArak University29 Sep. 20141st Supervisor
15Zahra ShahmirzalooSimulation and intelligent control of a Plug-in Hybrid Electrical vehicleArak University28 Sep. 20141st Supervisor
16Mohammad Shafiee AhoyiPresenting a new algorithm to reach the MPP in solar systems under partially shadowArak University13 Sep. 2014Supervisor
17Amin Dehghani MehrbadiDesign of Energy Conversion Systems Caused by Freezing Water to ElectricityArak University24 Jun. 2014Co-Advisor
18Saeid AbbasiPerformance Improvement of Grid Connected PV Inverter Under Unbalanced Network Condition Using Advance PR Current ControllerArak University21 Jan. 2014Supervisor
19Meysam MokhtariPerformance Improvement of DFIG Based Wind Turbine Under Unbalance Voltage ConditionArak University21 Jan. 20141st Supervisor
20Mohsen Kandi DayeniDesign of an Intelligent Control Strategy for a Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Passenger VehicleArak University14 Jan. 20142nd Supervisor
21Mahsa PagoliAnalysis and control of sound radiation of the vibrating circular plates coupled with piezoelectric layersArak University28 Jan. 20131st Supervisor
22Valiollah NekonamDesign of Semi-active and Active Controllers for control of bounce, pitch, and roll motions in a Medium BoatArak University28 Jan. 20132nd Supervisor
23Esmaeil RezayiVibro-control of circular thin plate coupled by piezoelectric due to sound waveArak University24 Sep. 20122nd Supervisor
24Saeid ShahrezayiReliability Evaluation of BREC Network Untill Year 1393Islamic Azad University-Saveh Branch2012Supervisor
25Seyed Amir HosseiniOptimal Siting and Sizing Distributed Generations to Improve Voltage Profile, Loss Redudtion, Short circuit Reduction and Considering Economical IssuesTafresh University20122nd Supervisor
26Mohsen KaramiIdentifying Optimal Location and Operating mode for Distributed Generation Considering Voltage Profile, Power Loss and Reliability of the SystemTafresh University20122nd Supervisor
27Amir Hassan Shams AnsariControl of Fuel Cell Rate of Output PowerTafresh University20122nd Supervisor
28Reza ToraniControlling Microgrids According to Droop Control to Accomplish Power Sharing Between DG UnitsTafresh University20122nd Supervisor
29Hassan Aministabilizing to a DG-fed islanded s ystem through load sheddingTafresh University20122nd Supervisor
30Peyman SalahA Comparison and Reconciliation of Measured Values and Simulation Results for Ashtian Distribution NetworkTafresh University20102nd Supervisor
31Shahrokh AkhlaghiEvaluation a Method for Islanding Detection of Distributed Generation ResourceTafresh University2010Co-Advisor
32Seyed Siavash Karimi MadahiDetermine the Optimal Number and Location of Area Operation Centers (AOC) in Iran Power NetworkTafresh University20102nd Supervisor
33Mohammad Ali ZahmatkeshOptimal Capacitor Placement in Electrical Network of Arak Telecommunication CenterTafresh University2010Co-Advisor
34Ali Akbar DankoobHybrid Filter for Harmonic Elimination Using RBF Neural NetworkIslamic Azad University of Arak2010Co-Advisor
35Ali Asghar SoltanmohammadiDifference Filter Design for Improvement in Interharmonics Detection and Measurement in Power Quality AnalysisIslamic Azad University of Arak2010Superviser
36Mohammad Rezad AkbarizadehModeling and Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution SystemIslamic Azad University of Dezful2009Superviser
37Mohsen KazemiVoltage Regulation of Buses With Induction Motor Loads Using ASVCIslamic Azad University of Dezful2009Superviser

Former BSc Students

Name & FamilyThesis TitleUniversityDate
Mehdi DaneshfarAnalysis and Design of Magneto-Rheological DampersArak University2015 (Term: 932)
Mohammad AmaniFabrication of a Magneto-Rheological DamperArak University2015 (Term: 932)
Maryam AbediPerformance Analysis of Arak University Wind Turbine SimulatorArak University2015 (Term: 932)
Ali BahrampourDesign and Analysis of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet GeneratorArak University2015 (Term: 932)
Masoud MehrabiDesign and Analysis of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet MotorArak University2015 (Term: 931)
Mehdi DarbandiDesign of PV Panels Charge ControllerArak University2015 (Term: 931)
Fatemeh AbdolazimiSimulation of Active Power Filter Connected to a PV System for Harmonic CompensationArak University2015 (Term: 931)
Zahra HoveydiInvestigatiing Voltage, Frequency and Load Sharing Control in a Micro GridArak University2014 (Term: 922)
Firoozeh Rajabi HezavehDesign of Voltage and Frequency Control in an Islandes Micro GridArak University2014 (Term: 922)
Navid BayatiAnalysis of Voltage Drop and MPPT in PV SystemsArak University2014 (Term: 922)
Behruz Majidi DehkordiInvestigating Communication Infrastructures used in Smart GridArak University2014 (Term: 921)
Zahra EshaghiInvestigation of HVDC Transmission SystemsArak University2014 (Term: 921)
Amir Omidi KazaziComplete Design of 3 Phase Induction Motor DriveArak University2014 (Term: 921)
Mohammad Mehdi JafarabadiFabrication of 3 Phase Induction Motor DriveArak University2014 (Term: 921)
Hosein KamalPerformance Analysis of Cut-Out Fuses Used in Arak Distribution NetworkArak University2013 (Term: 913)
Mohammad SosanabadiFinding Wind Turbine Efficiency CoefficientArak University2013 (Term: 913)
Farhad DastjaniA Review on DG AllocationArak University2013 (Term: 912)
Mohammad ZareeiPerformance Analysis of Synchronous Reference Frame 3-Phase PLL Arak University2013 (Term: 912)
Jalal SherafatiLoss Reduction in Distribution System Using Reconfiguration and DG InstallationArak University2013 (Term: 912)
Narges Rezayi RaveshDesign of Controller for SVC used in Electrical Arc FurnaceArak University2013 (Term: 912)
Fatemeh JoudakiMPPT Optimization in Wind Power PlantsArak University2013 (Term: 912)
Banafsheh MohammadiSensorless Speed Control of Induction Motors using Model Reference Adaptive SystemsArak University2013 (Term: 911)
Somayeh PirzadAdaptive perturb and observe algorithm for photovoltaic maximum power point trackingArak University2013 (Term: 911)
Rahil Mozaffari BabadiPV Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Neural NetworkArak University2013 (Term: 911)
Armin RokniStudy and Simulation of Effective Parameters on Transmission Line Towers GroundingIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2010
Iraj Kehtari AtharStudy and Simulation of Effective Parameters on Transmission Line Towers GroundingIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2011
Zahra ZebhiImpact of Wind powerplant on Shazand Distribution SystemIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2012
Sahar SarlakImpact of Wind powerplant on Shazand Distribution SystemIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2013
Seyed Reza TabatabayiCapacitor Installation in Communication SubstationIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2014
Behruz MohammadiCapacitor Installation in Communication SubstationIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2015
Mohammad Reza KeykhavaniStudy on Connecting Borujerd Microhydro Power Plant to Distribution NetworkIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2016
Farhang PiryayiStudy on Connecting Borujerd Microhydro Power Plant to Distribution NetworkIran University of Science and Technology- Arak Branch2017
Seyed Ahmad MirsaneeiDeveloping a Software for Relay TesterArak University2009 (Term: 871)
Mohammad Ali DehghanpoorDeveloping a Software for Relay TesterArak University2009 (Term: 871)
Mostafa MoazeniTransmission Lines Inspection Intelligent RobotIslamic Azad University of Arak2009

MSc Theses Refereed

UniversityDepartmentStart DateNo. of Theses Refereed
Arak University of TechnologyElectrical Engineering20152
Islamic Azad University-Ashtian BranchElectrical Engineering20156
Islamic Azad University-Arak Science and Research BranchElectrical Engineering201310
Tafresh UniversityElectrical Engineering201022
Islamic Azad University of ArakElectrical Engineering20103
Islamic Azad University of DezfulElectrical Engineering20092

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